The Garnethill Centre, 28 Rose Street,

Glasgow, G3 6RE

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We have provided Counselling and Psychotherapy in Glasgow city centre for 35 years and are dedicated to providing professional therapeutic services and training in counselling for all who are likely to benefit from these resources.

Counselling offers an opportunity to explore issues and problems in a safe and confidential environment. It can help with many issues including anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, problems at work, bereavement, life change and crises, and past recurring trauma.


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Counselling & Psychotherapy

The centre delivers the following two courses both of which are validated by COSCA and have university accreditation:



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"All successful therapies must relieve symptoms such as anxiety or depression. But psychodynamic treatment aims for more: it focuses on building core psychological strengths such as the capacity to have more fulfilling relationships, to make more effective use of one's abilities and to face life's challenges with greater freedom and flexibility."


- Johnathan Shedler Phd


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